Books on the Bene Israel


India's Bene Israel: A Comprehensive Inquiry and Sourcebook
By Shirley Berry Isenberg

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Children of Israel: The Bene Israel of Bombay (Pavilion)
By Schifra Strizower

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Bene Israel Tales
By B.B.Dandekar

Available from A. B. Literary House

David Rahabi

By B.B.Dandekar

A historical novel about the discovery of Jews in India in the twelfth century by an Egyptian trader in precious stones.

Available from A. B. Literary House

India's Jewish Heritage: Ritual, Art, and Life-Cycle
By Shalva Weil

New Delhi: Marg publications, 2002; 3rd edition 2009

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Place, priestly status and purity: the impact of genetic research on an Indian Jewish community

By Tudor Parfitt

Available online


Visiting Mumbai A must read travel site for anyone visiting India A site dedicated to The Bene Israel Jews of West India



Elijah the Prophet horse's hoof marks in India



Organizations A group dedicated to helping lost tribes and returning communities.